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Welcome to Institut Statistik Malaysia (ISMy)

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Jemputan ke Seminar Kebangsaan Institut Statistik Malaysia ke-18 2024 (SKISMXVIII 2024)

Institut Penyelidikan Matematik (INSPEM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) dengan kerjasama Institut Statistik Malaysia (ISMy) akan menganjurkan Seminar Kebangsaan Institut Statistik Malaysia ke 18  2024 (SKISMXVIII 2024) pada hari Khamis 7 Mac 2024 dengan tema Memacu Pembangunan Industri dan Masyarakat melalui Pemerkasaan Data Sains dan Data Analitik. Penganjuran seminar ini merupakan salah satu usaha INSPEM dan ISMy untuk mengumpul semua penyelidik statistik di Malaysia untuk sama-sama berkongsi pengalaman dan penyelidikan.

Business Conference

Institut Statistik Malaysia (ISMy) was registered under the Societies Act 1966 as a non-profit making body on August 17, 1984. The idea of establishing such a society was initiated on May 20, 1981 with the setting up of a Pro-team Committee for ISM.


Institut Statistik Malaysia 


To be a leading organisation in promoting the proper practice, propagation, and dissemination of statistical knowledge for the benefit of society.


To actively participate in the improvement of statistical education at all levels.

To promote excellence in statistical practice, research, and publication.

To enhance society's awareness of the value of statistical method.

To increase the visibility of the statistics profession.

To diversify career opportunities for statisticians.

To expand our circle of influence through interactions with professional societies, government agencies, and other organisations.

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Audience and Lecturer

Membership Fees

Regular Member

RM 36 Annually

Student Member

RM 10 Annually

Associate Member

RM 20 Annually

Lifetime Member

RM 360

Corporate Member

RM 500 minimum

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